Vespel SP-1 is a High Performance Plastic

posted on 31 October 2010 | posted in Construction and Design News

Vespel SP-1 is a high performance engineering plastic that is available in different polyimide shapes, such as rods, tubes, plates, and other parts. This material offers an extensive combination of temperature resistance, mechanical toughness, chemical resistance, wear-resistance, natural lubricity, and insulation properties. This product is incredibly durable and provides impressive low coefficient of friction.

Vespel SP-1 has superior wear properties and can be used for various applications, providing top electrical and thermal insulation for balls, valve sets, poppets, gaskets, clamping rings, insulators, and much more. Furthermore, it is frequently used for the purpose of thermal insulator testing because it can handle being exposed to high temperatures repeatedly without the alteration of its thermal or mechanical properties.

Although Vespel SP-1 is a high-end polymide product, it is not the only option available. In fact, when it comes to dimensional stability, bearing and wear properties, and stiffness across a broad temperature range, there are other thermoplastics that are better, such as Torlon PAI. Torlon is the highest performing, melt processable plastic and it is a very cost effective material. Thus, in many situations Torlon polymide-imide is a reliable and quality polymer that provides engineers and equipment designers with the ideal performance for an application.