What to Do When Your Rare Piece of Equipment Fails?

posted on 11 August 2011 | posted in Construction Advice

It's the worst feeling when equipment fails, and your mind scrambles for a solution. From pump jacks to generators, the first thought is "can it be repaired on site?". That's the best case scenario. The worst case scenario is that the equipment is beyond repair, and that it's the kind of equipment that's very hard to find replacements for.

In my industry, having a team down tools because equipment fails is incredibly costly. So I have an insurance policy: any rare equipment / machinery, I have a spare that remains on site. If one fails, we can switch to the spare machine quickly while the original one can be repaired. That way we can guarantee to minimise downtime and it's just so much more reassuring. Some of our equipment isn't even made anymore, and I've had to locate them 2nd hand online. The accountants in my company sometimes question my policy because they feel we're wasting money having extra equipment on site that isn't used - but they'd complain a lot louder if we go days without constructing anything! You need some contingency in my line of work - that's the take away point of this article.